Our pricing structure is simple and we're one of the only providers that offers discounts for children. Everything (except the Xtreme trip) costs the same; you can choose any 1 activity, or for half-price, add another on the same day. We meet at ~9am for the morning adventures, and ~1230pm for the afternoon trips. When we're very busy, we occasionally run a third session if there's enough interest.

- Our Adventures -


1 Activity £50

2 Activities £80

*+£10 p/p Canyon Xtreme

**+£25 p/p mountain bike hire


1 Activity £40

2 Activities £60

*+£10 p/p Canyon Xtreme

**+£25 p/p mountain bike hire

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Gift Vouchers

Life is all about experiences. If you're looking to buy somebody a gift, then an adventure activity with us will certainly leave that person with happy and lasting memories. The perfect gift for the person that 'already has everything'; there's no point buying rubbish, and material possessions are often lost or broken. Memories last a life time, and an adventure with us really is a brilliant experience. We sell activity vouchers for adults and children, for half and full day activities. The vouchers are valid for a year, and can be upgraded if required (e.g. someone with a single activity voucher can upgrade to a full day if they like). Vouchers are best purchased online through our online booking system. Just click book online, and then buy voucher. Happy adventuring!