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Adventure Rating: This is the rating we give to our activities based on how adventurous we feel they are. We don't have anything that's a 1, but 2 is pretty easy going, 3 is exciting but not outrageous, and 5 is pure adrenaline!

Duration: How long the activity lasts; this is the time from when we meet (at the arranged starting time), to when we're completely finished and everyone is driving away. This could include getting geared up (e.g. putting a wetsuit on for canyoning), walking to the starting point (e.g. the crag or the river), doing the activity and then returning to the cars. Some activities like climbing are more time orientated e.g. you can continue doing different climbs until we run out of time, other activities like kayaking and canyoning have a set course/route whereby some people may complete the trip slower/faster than others.

Location: the rough area where the activity normally takes places. If you'd like more detailed information before booking, you'll need to send us an e-mail.

Age: the approximate age guide which we recommend children should be. This is generally a guide and it can be condition dependant; when the water level in the canyon is low, it can be suitable for younger children, when it is high, it's not suitable for smaller children.

Fitness: all of our activities feature some physicality to them one way or another; even the canoeing requires some occasional effort and if the conditions aren't favorable (e.g. it's windy) it can be quite hard work! This guide is a rough estimate of how much hard work you can expect an activity to be. All of our adventures are suitable for a normal person with average fitness. If you think you can handle a couple of hours of physical activity (e.g. walking up a hill, climbing around etc) then you should be fine. We don't ever really have clients that aren't able to 'carry on'.

You Need: all of the required specialist equipment is provided by us, this is just a list of the essential items that you probably already have, that you'll need to bring with you. More information on exactly what you need to bring is detailed once you've booked an adventure with us.

We started Snowdonia Adventure Activities back in 2011 with the aim of providing the most exciting, accessible and value for money adventure activities in North Wales. Find out more...

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