Canoeing in North Wales

Canoeing is one of our most relaxing adventure activities. If the conditions are good it's easy paddling along the flat water tidal estuary. We use 2 man Canadian canoes so it's pretty steady paddling (this is good if you've got small children too!).

Our canoe trips are often combined with the kayaking sessions so you get the chance to swap around if you need a rest or fancy a change. Snowdonia offers some spectacular scenery and exploring the valleys from the water is always a pleasure.

What to Expect

We meet by the river and once we're sorted out with the gear and the safety briefing is complete we launch the boats and get out on the water. We use one of North Wales' most stunning estuaries and generally we paddle up with the current to the tidal limit and then float back down again.

The trip is normally relaxed and easy going; we often see some interesting wildlife and the valley scenery is picturesque. We pass a variety of ecosystems and there are also some interesting sights of historical interest; the estuary was used during the slate era of the 1800s. If you're looking for a slower paced adventure, this is it.


Adventure Rating: 2/5

Duration: 3hrs

Location: Porthmadog Area

Age: 4+

Fitness: 2/5

You Need: Trainers | Swimwear | Towel