Corporate Adventures

If you're looking to organise a professional and adventurous corporate team building day then one of our adventure activities is perfect.

A lot of 'team building' days are pretty mediocre; if you want the group to bond and develop, they need to share a 'real' experience. Through our adventure activities, participants can push themselves mentally and physically, and using the support and encouragement of other team members, surpass their own expectations

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What to Expect

We recommend a full day of adventures; starting with a rock climbing and abseiling session, the team learn how to look after each other (they'll have the lives of their team-members in their hands!), provide support and encouragement, and they'll likely conquer climbs they didn't think they could do.

After a picnic lunch, there's no better way to end the day than a run down the Canyon. The Xtreme trip is better if you want an experience that's going to leave an impression. Participants are given the opportunity to push themselves to the limit, at the same time supporting other members of the group, giving everyone the confidence to go for it.

How to Book

We recommend booking your adventure as far in advance as possible. Our weekend slots fill up quickly, and bigger groups are unlikely to be able to book short notice.

You'll need to send us an e-mail, and we can get your adventure weekend organised for you. We can also help advise you on where to stay and what else to do; being local, our suggestions are normally pretty helpful and make organising your trip a lot easier!