Underground Adventure

slate mine with Snowdonia Adventure Activities

Our underground adventure is an amazing experience and is suitable for all the family! This is an ancient underground slate mine long since abandoned by the mine workers. We explore the massive access tunells and huge underground chambers quarried out by the late slate quarrymen over 200 years ago. Dont worry if youre claustraphobic; this isn't a cave and we won't be crawling anywhere!

During the underground adventure we follow in the footsteps of the ancient slate quarrymen. After a picture-perfect walk up the valley we enter the old mine workings. We show you how they quarried the rock and the difficult conditions they worked in, deep underground. There is real industrial archeology and it's an exciting adventure experience.

slate mine with Snowdonia Adventure Activities

As we explore the mine we climb up the levels, climbing the mountain underground. We ascend the old working-levels until we emerge in to the light near the summit, some 400ft higher up the mountian than when we entered!

If you would like to book the Underground Adventure please get in contact with us directly to check availability!

Going underground with Snowdonia Adventure Activities Deep underground experienceing the slate mine with Snowdonia Adventure Activities