Kayaking & Canoeing

kayking and canoeing on the river estuary with snowdonia adventure activities

We offer both sit-on-top kayaks as well as open top Canadian canoes. We usually paddle one of the local estuaries, it's a really relaxing activity and we ride the slow moving river down the estuary. The canoes are really good if you don't fancy paddling by yourself and they are very stable. The kayaks are great fun and are more mobile than the canoes; your free to paddle wherever the water takes you!

kayking in the mawddach and dwryd estuaries is fun for all the family with snowdonia adventure activities

This is a great activity for families and people that would rather something a little less adrenaline fuelled. We paddle past various ecosystems and quite often spot a lot of wildlife. A picturesque river safari! If the weather's nice we usually find somewhere nice to stop on the riverbank for a swim. Young children (4-6yrs) can ride in the boat with an adult and older children (11+) can paddle a boat themselves.

surf kayaking in cardigan bay with snowdonia adventure activities

If paddling down the estuary doesn't sound exciting enough for you we sometimes go 'surf-kayaking'. We take our kayaks down to the beach, setup a paddling area and then paddle out to ride the waves! This is really good fun but bear in mind that previous paddling experience is very useful here because it can be quite rough and difficult in the sea. We only run these sessions out of peak season (school holidays) and when the weather conditions are appropriate otherwise we will be on the estuary.